The world of TOME is no longer what it once was. When this world was originally pulled into darkness, a balancing force was needed to bring light and life to the Domains. The Mediator was that force. The Mediator scribed the Tome of the Immortals with his very lifeblood, giving him the power to bring balance and peace to the world. With this power, The Mediator bound the Six Gods to his will in an event known as “The Binding.”

Ruling over the world as a whole, The Mediator bound the Six Gods to himself. He allowed the Six Gods to claim territory and rule their own separate Domains as they saw fit. As long as balance was kept, The Mediator would not interfere; however, it was this freedom that allowed the darkness to creep back into the world.

As centuries passed, the Gods grew restless. They hungered for The Mediator’s ultimate source of power, the Tome. The Binding began to weaken as each God formulated a vision of what the world should look like. The Six collectively realized that The Mediator was the one holding them back from their goals, and in the rarest display of unity, they challenged The Mediator in his Coliseum with the hopes of obtaining the Tome for themselves.

While The Mediator may have not counted on the unity between the Six, he was not unprepared for such craven treachery. As he left the world behind, the Tome was unbound and torn asunder, its pages were thought to be lost throughout the world. With true balance now gone, the Gods began the War of the Six to find the lost pages and rebind the Tome. Weakened by The Mediator’s absence and as the War wages on, the Six Gods are constantly seeking Guardians that will fight for them to recover pages from the Tome of the Immortals.

Constant battles rage along the borders of each Domain for territory and resources, but those battles are nowhere near the most important fought. Along with their chosen Guardians, the Six fight in Battle Arenas for information on where the pages may be in the hopes of finding these for their God. The Gods must then bargain with Harbingers to properly control the Guardians in battle. With each victory, the Gods bestow upon their Harbinger agents blessings and devotion. The Harbingers in turn create an affinity with the guardians they control, bestowing upon the guardians added benefits, thereby creating an even more powerful force in battle.


Each Battle Arena used to sit within the lands at the center of the world that only The Mediator could enter and leave with ease. These places were created by The Mediator for disputes to be settled between the Gods. The Mediator believed that a sanctioned area for the Gods to fight over disputes would curb undue destruction within their own realms. With The Mediator’s blessing, the Gods would fight over disagreements until there was a victor. Upon returning to their Domains, the Gods were forbidden to further act on any disputes that had been settled.

Even now, these same Battle Arenas are where the Gods have chosen to fight the major battles of this war. Each Arena is still imbued with The Mediator's power. Along with the gifts granted by their God, this combination allows Guardians to fight free from the burden of permanent death. It is not known if The Mediator’s power will stay in these places forever, and some worry that fighting over the lands where the battle arenas exist will erase any remnants of The Mediator. If this fear is true, all will suffer as the the one reason to keep the major battles out of the Domains will disappear forever.


With The Mediator gone, the Six Gods seek to actualize their wills and desires upon the world, something they can not accomplish without The Mediator's power. While some Domains may seek similar things, they differ greatly in how it should be brought about.

Amara, The Goddess of Creation, believes that this world can not be saved. With the right power and innovation, an entirely new world can be created.

Marith, The Goddess of Death, seeks to release this world from its constant state of failure. The Mediator’s interference was a cosmic error that needs to be corrected.

Gol, The God of Earth, fights to bring about his version of balance to the world. Harmony and justice must both exist, but Gol believes only he has the eyes to know true balance.

Haroon, The God of Water, seeks conformity among all six Domains. All conflict will cease if the Gods and Domains are of one mind.

Stridis, The God of Air, wishes for true freedom to exist. All should be free to seek their own destiny, but Stridis would prefer for the interruptions of this War to cease.

Vala, The Goddess of Fire, would rather die than to serve another. Through tradition and military might, all Domains will serve her.


Unable to fight a full war on their own, each God seeks the strongest and most unique denizens of their Domains, in hopes of enticing such champions to join their side of the conflict. While few become Guardians solely because they believe in the cause of their Domain, most require further coercion before dedicating their lives to the cause of their God.

These individuals found by the Gods may have been watched for years, although some were much easier to recruit. The Gods watch these beings, and look for any weakness or desire they can exploit. In exchange for powers that were individually unattainable, Guardians agree to fight on behalf of their Gods while simultaneously seeking pages from the Tome of the Immortals.

The Gods bestow their chosen Guardians with powers that elevate them above all others. These Guardians are then transported to Battle Arenas to fight for their Gods when called upon. They constantly seek to retrieve pages from the Tome, receiving blessings and devotion from their God after each victory. As the War continues, the Gods constantly seek an advantage by recruiting new Guardians to their side.


Harbingers are the most powerful beings in the world of TOME, short of the Six Gods themselves-and even then some scholars question who really has the upper hand. Even though the Six are able to grant Guardians incredible powers, only Harbingers can control them in a Battle Arena - a fact that the Six know all too well.

Harbingers were called to act as enforcers of The Mediator’s will, as determined by the great battles raging in the Arenas. Now that the War of the Six rages on, the Six curry favor with Harbingers by offering them power in the form of Blessings. The more aligned a Harbinger is with one of the Six, the more Blessings and riches are earned. Harbingers owe no direct allegiance to one of the Six, but instead are free to pursue their own mysterious agendas.

As a player in TOME, you are a Harbinger. Choose a Guardian to bring to battle and gain influence with that Guardian’s chosen deity. As each Guardian's influence grows, they will move even closer to gaining the power that The Mediator left behind.