Azura, the Queen of Ice, is a tactician guardian from the Water domain that commands the cold to cripple her adversaries.[1]


Sister to Cyrus, Azura observed her brother's rule under Vala carefully, watching his mistakes and the blindness in which he led. Abandoning the realm, Azura now rules under Haroon and hopes that all will come to view the world as she does. With the ability to control ice and the cold, she assists her allies and inhibits her enemies with ease. Azura stands firm on the battlefield with her scepter raised and the certainty that she will be victorious if all share the same mind and a common goal.

Base StatsEdit

MS, AS, Might


Icon Description
Q Ice Volley Azura hurls 3 ice shards, each of which deal 80% might + 2 * level damage to the first enemy they strike and Chilling them for 7 seconds. Chilled enemies take double damage instead.
Azura Q - Ice Volley

Azura Q - Ice Volley

W Biting Cold Azura grants ice blades to target ally Guardian for 5 seconds. The blades damage enemies hit by them for 2% of their max health each second. Chilled enemies take twice the damage.
Biting Cold

Biting Cold

E Arctic Squall Azura spawns a 5-second blizzard which slows the Movement Speed and Attack Speed of enemies by 10% plus 5% more for each second they remain in it. The effects of the blizzard persist for 1 second after an enemy has left the blizzard. Chilled enemies are slowed twice as quickly.
Azura E - Arctic Squall

Azura E - Arctic Squall

R Flash Freeze Azura causes a creeping glacier to cross the map in target direction, stunning all enemies it strikes for 1.5 seconds.
Azura R - Flash Freeze

Azura R - Flash Freeze


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At level 1: 60/62/64/66/68/70/72/75/78/81/84/87/90/93 At 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14